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 A note to Glebe House Winery Customers, November 2019


Dear Customers, this is a short note to inform you that Glebe House Winery will not be attending any further farmers markets in the run up to Christmas 2019. This is due to cirmstances behond our control, which is very unfortunate especially during the festive season. However, we wanted to let you know that Glebe House Wines may still be purchased directly from Ghebe House located a couple of miles north of Annan on the road to Ecclefechan. In addition we can also advise customers of local retailers to obtain Glebe House Wine from. We apologise for any inconvenince this may cause you but it is the best we can do in the cirmcumstances.


For more details contact - Foster - mob 0780 7940 910 or tel 01576 300 241


*Card payment now available. 



Christmas Market Wine List 2019

 White wines: -                   Apple (dry white) 

                                           Gooseberry (dry white)

                                          Blackcurrant (dry red)                                

                                          Elderberry (medium dry red)



Cider/Fruit Beer: -        Eccle Cider (tradational Scottish apple cider; dry & medium dry)                    

                                       Nettle Stout           


Produce of Scotland, made from locally harvested fruit.

Fruit wine, cider and beer from Ecclefechan.










Glebe House Winery - makers of fine Scottish fruit wines from locally harvested crops.

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