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About The Winery

Established circa 2001 and located just outside Ecclefechan, the winery specialises in the making of fruit wines from locally harvested crops. In the early days wine was made in numerous demijohns, however, due to increasing demand these have been superceeded with larger fermentation vessels. Commerical sales of fruit wine started in 2006 concentrated mainly in Dumfries and Galloway and have been increasing year on year since then. 


Due to the temperate climate in southwest Scotland, we use native soft fruits that tolerate cool damp conditions for winemaking rather than grapes. Most of the fruit is homegrown at Glebe House and is harvested throughout  the year when in season e.g. rhubarb, gooseberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, apples and pears.

A wide variety of apples (eaters, cookers, cider and crabs) are grown in the shelter of the walled garden (shown opposite),  under the watchful eye of Fudge, our friendly cocker spaniel.


The fruit is allowed to ripen naturally in the absence of any chemicals and hand picked when sweetest tasting and most fragrant. In addition to the fruit garden, some harvests are made from local woods e.g. elderberries, tree sap, leaves and brambles; these are also be made into fruit wines with a range of different flavours to entice the palate.

The Galloway Pippin, which is reputed to have origanated from Sweet Heart Abbey located on the banks of the Solway Firth, is one of the varieties of apple grown in the fruit garden (shown opposite).

March 2010

The winery itself is a traditional stone building (shown opposite), which maintains a fairly constant temperature during the summer months; this helps to stabilise fermentations. In winter the thick stone walls provide just enough insulation to stop the temperature falling below freezing in the winery; the processes of clarification and stabalisation work best during the cooler months. Wine is made and stored in variable capacity stainless steel tanks to preserve flavours and fragrances, and protect against deterioration.

All wine is stored typically for a period of 18 months to fully mature and settle prior to bottling. This process allows the taste to fully develop in character and become well rounded. It also aids the removal of sediments to clarilfy and preserve the wines.

Whereas we mainly produce still wines, several sparkling wines have been added to the wine list more recently.  


Winery Tours

Tours of the winery may be made by appointment only. Currently we can only accommodate small parties of visitors for tours, which are normally arranged during the summer months. If you would like to find out more about winery tours and our wine making processes, please contact us via the Contact page.


Glebe House Winery - makers of fine Scottish fruit wines from locally harvested crops.

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